How Microsoft Exam 70-473 BuildsYour Cloud Platform Career

Creating your mark in the IT field is never a walk in the park. Yep, it’s very challenging and daunting, but at the same time very stimulating and beneficial. But how does one establish a reputation in an industry where there are already a number of experts and a lot of aspirants?

How Microsoft Exam 70-473 BuildsYour Cloud Platform Career
How Microsoft Exam 70-473 BuildsYour Cloud Platform Career?

This is where certifications go handy and noteworthy. In the present time, it is very difficult to get a job with just plain contextual information. It is best to arm it with extensive hands-on training through different IT certifications. For many years, IT certifications are weighed as some game-changers because these often demonstrate a candidate’s attitude and long-term goals.

And for people who want to launch their careers on a high note, particularly in Cloud Platform, you’ll get something valuable from Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions and its corresponding Microsoft MCSA 70-473 Practice Test.

How does Exam 70-473 assist you in your Cloud Platform journey?

Before anything else, Exam 70-473 confers about Cloud Data Platform Solutions. It leads towards two Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications―MCSE: Data Management and Analytics and MCSE: Core Infrastructure certifications.

This certification exam is envisioned for professionals who want to expand their ability in creating and implementing different cloud-based platform data systems, including public and hybrid cloud solutions. Candidates must have a relevant background in Microsoft data set so that it would be convenient preparing for the exam.

Now that you have an idea about 70-473, let’s discuss further the benefits of this Microsoft certification.

Sharpens your Microsoft technical skills

If you’re having a hard time designing database solutions on both SQL and Azure SQL servers, this is the right credential to heighten your skills. The main objectives of this certification exam revolve around these equally notable servers. When you prepare for the exam, you will uncover more technical skills, including creating a data storage and security architecture as well as data load and synchronization strategy. Moreover, you will have an idea on the application of SQL Server on Azure virtual machines, together with the configuration of firewall guidelines and virtual machine sizes. From then on, it will be easier for you to take on the next challenge in your career.

Unlocks your security proficiency 

Strengthening your security skills, the exam exposes you to more intensive knowledge about Azure SQL and SQL Server Database security. You’ll be able to administer user logins and roles, along with configuring firewalls, Transparent Database Encryption, data masking, and data encryption. These skills are very important when you take the Cloud Platform career as it will help you shape your proficiency.

Understand scalable, database recovery and high availability solutions

Through this certification, you will also gain intensive insightful information about various solutions, ranging from scalable to high availability to data recovery. These topics are not that easy to comprehend if you don’t dig deeper. But with the aid of exam 70-473, you will learn how to design and implement these solutions effectively. In addition, you are given the opportunity to execute self-service restore, long-term retention back-up, and multi-master set-ups via database replication.

Know more about database implementations in Azure 

Another important topic demonstrated in the exam is how you closely observe and troubleshoot SQL Database and SQL Server VMs on Azure. The test will develop your skills in monitoring database using DMFs and DMVs. And, it will also be a great way to flourish your proficiency in terms of automating and administering different database implementations.

Be up-to-date on the latest Cloud updates 

Bypassing this Microsoft certification, you’ll be updated with the trends and updates of the ever-changing Cloud platform. Technology advancements are always on the loose that is why you need to be ready and consistently gear yourself with significant knowledge for a constant career upgrade. Being a well-informed professional will also help you build a lasting impression among employers.

How to study for Microsoft Exam 70-473?

Often than not, candidates get too overwhelmed with all the study materials offered online. You don’t have to as long as you have a study guide on how to prepare and what resources to use.

Probably the most important book you need to invest for the exam is the Pro SQL Server on Microsoft Azure by Pranab Mazumdar, Sourabh Agarwal, and Amit Banerjee. This book highlights all the things you need to know about Microsoft Azure, including how an SQL Server works on either Azure Virtual Machines or Azure SQL database.

On top of books, there are training courses offered by Microsoft―online training and instructor-led training. These study materials strengthen your skills and check if there are topics you need to focus on and improve. You can also take on the official exam prep video that gives you an important overview of the objectives.

To complete your preparation, don’t miss some valuable braindumps and use it as practice tests to prove your exam readiness. Sometimes, you might think that you are ready but come exam day, you will be shocked with unfamiliar questions included in the test. To avoid this, answer some real questions with real answers from real successful users. Popular braindumps include Pass4itsure, Exam2Pass And. Passitdump, in particular, offers the latest questions and answers, including a training course with 69 lectures. With the aid of Avanset VCE simulator, download .vce files and enjoy a smooth testing experience. Moreover, on ExamSnap website, you’ll find a lot of useful information about certifications, exams, some valuable preparation tips. For that check the Blog section.


Every day is a learning process and if you want something to look forward to in your IT profession, then passing exam 70-473, together with the other Azure exam is simply a beneficial step. Acquire the highly applauded Microsoft Azure certification – Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions and be ahead of your own game. Continue to strive hard for your career goals!

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